Sweep Accreditation

(updated January 2023)


Review the sweep guidelines to confirm where and what contingency of paddlers you are eligible to sweep at each level of sweep accreditation. The sweeping regulations are a national standard to enable sweeps to remain accredited no matter which State they are in and if they move between States.

The AusDBF SWEEP TRAINING PROGRAM provides information on the requirements to become and remain a sweep in WA.  *NOTE: These guidelines may have been superseded — please check the AusDBF website for current sweep requirements.


Sweeps are responsible for crew safety and therefore need to familiarise themselves with the rules and regulations for navigating waterways. The Recreational Skippers Ticket Workbook provides information relevant to safe navigation. If the skippers ticket workbook is unavailable or out of date, please check the Department of Transport website for the latest version – these will be discussed during induction.


To become a sweep in WA, the following process must occur before commencing training on the water:

Pre-Level 1

Members can complete a minimum of 5 hours and a maximum of 10 hours without any qualifications, to see if sweeping is something they are interested in being accredited in. Members must have a qualified L3 sweep with them at all times and may only sweep during the day with sports members (no full boats of juniors or corporate teams, but some individuals are acceptable). All training should be recorded in the sweep logbook as “PL1” (Pre-Level 1). Members must not exceed 10 hours of pre-training and must then attend an L1 course before continuing their sweep training.


Level 1 – Novice

Members must attend a Sweep Induction Course (approx. 5hr course) once a maximum of 10 hours of pre-training with their club has been completed. These are currently being held once a year in October, with dates and venues TBC closer to the time. Additional sessions are available when sufficient numbers are achieved.

Members must obtain (and then retain) their first Aid Certificate HLTAID011 and Working With Children (WWC) card before attending this DBWA induction training course. However, the annual CPR course is not required as part of this certification.

During the course, members will be trained in:

  • Safety - Crew and sweep responsibilities
  • Australian Standard calls – Crew instruction and boat control
  • Balancing Methods and Reasons
  • Sweep & Skipper guidelines Review publication
  • Steering Push/Pull, Twist
  • Manoeuvring Utilising different sections of the boat
  • Racing Rules and Regulations, etiquette
  • Complete quizzes

A L1 Sweep Certificate will be emailed by AusDBF on completion, which must be shown to your club before you are eligible to continue on water training past your initial 10 hours of pre-level 1 training and retained by the members.


Please consult with your club as they should have qualified sweeps that can assist and train you, and also ensure you review the sweep guidelines regarding when and who you are eligible to sweep at this level.

**Fill in your sweep logbook every time you are on the water**

If you have completed <20hrs sweeping in all conditions post L1 certification, and wish to be assessed as L2, contact a sweep assessor (listed below), or a DBWA Sweep Coordinator to arrange this. Members must ensure they are assessed as L2 within 2 years of qualifying as L1, or they will need to re-sit the L1 course.

Continue filling in your sweep logbook every time you are on the water until you reach L3 accreditation – as this will be used as part of your assessment to gain accreditation at Level 3.


DBWA have a pool of sweep assessors (Please see below) who are capable of conducting a sweep assessment, however, they should only be contacted once your Club has confirmed in writing that they deem you ready to be assessed. Sweep assessors will confirm with you and DBWA once you have passed your assessment and achieved L2 accreditation.


Level 2

Once you have L2 status, you can commence sweeping at regattas – wearing a yellow vest. You must complete a minimum of 2 races at 2 regattas within one season to be eligible to become L3 accredited unless otherwise directed/agreed by a DBWA Sweeping Coordinator.

Ensure you inform a DBWA Sweeping Coordinator at the regatta sweeps meeting if you will be sweeping at the regatta, and ensure you wear a yellow vest during racing. You must also inform your sweep assessor that you are racing so they can assess you on your capabilities. You will be informed by your assessor and or DBWA should you not be deemed competent after 4 races and what further training/racing is required.

You are also now eligible to sweep at training without an L3 sweep present and can also sweep junior and corporate teams at training under supervision.


Level 3

When you have become an L3 fully accredited sweep, a certificate will be received via email from AusDBF.


Full details of all accreditation Levels and what members are eligible to do within those levels can be found on the AusDBF website.

All sweeps and drummers must wear a PFD at all times.


Sweep Coordinators as of January 2023

Laura Hughes (Perth) Ph: 0415 437 780

Paul Harrison (Bunbury) Ph: 0408 949 976

Trish Williams (Albany) Ph: 0427 443 215


Sweep Assessors as of January 2024

Deborah Alder – Fremantle Swans

Jennie Ellis – IOD

Merinda Fenn - Forza

Debbie Fenn - Forza

Paul Harrison - Forza

Laura Hughes - Cockburn Blades

Kelvin Pine - Kununarra

Deborah Rae - Amazons

Trish Williams - Albany

Rex Tindal – Fremantle Swans

Vivienne Wigg – Cockburn Blades

Rachel Percival - Amazons

Karen Smits- Lakers