David Blackley Award

David Blackley Award

(sponsored by the Tindal Family)

The David Blackley Award is presented to an individual within the dragon boating community for outstanding service to DBWA.


This prestigious award is presented to a person who has demonstrated standards of behaviour that reflect moral values and depth of character in advancing the sport of dragon boating in WA.


The following are winners of the David Blackley Award.




 2005   Vivienne Wigg
2006 Carey Burgess
2007 Barbara Clarkson
2008 Adrian Robinson
2009 Di Ash
2010 Graham Potaka
2011 David Blackley
2012 John Beinke
2013 Janet Lynn
2014 Rex Tindal
2015 Grahame Bradbury (Moose)
2016 Margaret Little
2017 Rick Salisbury
2018 Jennifer Hall
2019 Susan Konning
2020 Kristin Priest
2021 Debbie Fenn/Susan Troncone
2022 Trish Williams



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