Become an Official

Officials wanted!

Joint the heart and soul of dragon boating - become an official.

Give something back to your community. Take on the role, training and hours that suit you. 

Why officials love what they do.....

  • Love of the sport - As an official, you won’t just be watching any more, you’ll be part of the game, with the best view in the house.
  • Flexibility - Choose the hours and times that suit you.
  • Travel - There are opportunities to officiate at regattas at national and international events.
  • Stay active and give back - When you are done with your sport, what’s next? Officiating provides an opportunity to stay active in a sport you love. Most officials feel that they have gotten something important from their sport and like to pay it forward for what it has given them. 
  • Challenge and excitement - It’s a rush to be in the moment and have to make decisions. Great events and hair-raising moments - you’ll be right in the middle of them. Officiating provides goosebumps in spades. If you like adrenaline, you can get it through officiating.
  • Camaraderie and community - The fellowship and humor officials share with one another are incomparable. You’ll quickly realize there is no community like officials. Many of them will become your closest friends — lifelong friends.
  • Life skills - Officiating teaches independent thinking and the ability to see the big picture — a skill that translates outside of officiating. It also requires the dedication, togetherness and ability to work as team that is important everywhere.
  • Opportunity - Officials are often identified and associated with the sport they work and recognized for it outside of officiating. People associate officiating with trustworthiness, impartiality, dedication and integrity… all qualities that can open doors for you in other areas of life.
  • Pat on the back - Enjoy everlasting appreciation and recognition from the dragon boating community.

We’re in need of officials to take on a range of water and land based roles for upcoming local and national events.  For further information on officiating roles, see downloads below.

Interested in becoming a dragon boat official?